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Honesty, Integrity and Satisfaction, Guaranteed

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As a family-owned car dealership, the staff at Auto – Welt firmly believes in sticking to core family values. At our  dealership, we believe that if we treat each other well, our positive attitudes will reflect upon our customers. That’s how we know each customer who walks through our doors is treated with respect. Since 1990, Auto – Welt has thrived on the principles of honesty, integrity and customer satisfaction.

We also pride ourselves on our remarkable selection of used vehicles. Our exclusive car consultant travels around the country to various automobile auctions, where he hand-picks high-quality pre-owned vehicles of all makes to bring back to our dealership. When searching, he targets vehicles that have only been used for less than a year, with a focus on low-mileage vacation. This is how we provide you access to the well-maintained, low-mileage used cars, trucks, SUVs and vans you see on our lots today.

The combination of a friendly, helpful staff and an emphasis on low prices has resulted in many happy customers driving a new or a used cars.

What does Auto – Welt offer drivers from Europe?
Truly Exceptional Customer Service from Every Angle

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