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Honesty, integrity and satisfaction, guaranteed.

As a family-owned car dealership, the staff at Auto – Welt firmly believes in sticking to core family values.

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At our  dealership, we believe that if we treat each other well, our positive attitudes will reflect upon our customers. That’s how we know each customer who walks through our doors is treated with respect. Since 1990, AWW GmbH has thrived on the principles of honesty, integrity and customer satisfaction. 

We also pride ourselves on our remarkable selection of used vehicles. Our exclusive car consultant travels around the country to various automobile auctions, where he hand-picks high-quality pre-owned vehicles of all makes to bring back to our dealership. When searching, he targets vehicles that have only been used for less than a year, with a focus on low-mileage vacation. This is how we provide you access to the well-maintained, low-mileage used cars, trucks, SUVs and vans you see on our lots today. 

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Was friendly, honest all the details have matched the ad. Nutzer -

Good photos to the vehicles. Leaves you a lot of time with the vehicle. Lets negotiate with itself. Drive there, look, pay and take directly. Nutzer -

Thanks everything super good advice and friendly staff, i will come again!

Robertus01 Google Nutzer

There's nothing to complain about, at the pickup, the driver was there at the minute, I also got the money immediately, friendly and courteous. Normally I'm not a friend of recessions but in the case because everything went so smoothly must be written one! Bottom line - recommended!

MaxPerl Google Nutzer

My accident motorcycle was bought up here. The price was very fair. The pickup at my authorized dealer was scheduled promptly. A real time transfer was made on the spot. Everything went completely smoothly. Am very satisfied.

HP M. Google Nutzer

Top company with super boss. Very nice helpful and responsive at all times. Processing was quick and uncomplicated. Great service when picking up the vehicle. So business is fun

Sandra von Blohn Google Nutzer

Uncomplicated sale of my accident motorcycle, fast smooth processing! Pickup took place on the agreed date! Give 5 stars + 2 stars for the friendly nice contact! I can only recommend!

Jürgen Mayr Google Nutzer

Business owner seemed very courteous, super friendly, good advice, great conversations, only to recommend. My trusted point of contact. No problems at all. Praise to the company. Greetings to the owner Konstantin. Thanks for everything !

Felix1712 Google Nutzer

Very qualified and friendly customer service!!! fast processing I can only say: the right people in the right place. Doing business with people like this is a pleasure

Łukasz R Google Nutzer

Honesty, trust and security in all the business we have done is the feeling that I have always worked together ... Is the only company I work with in Germany. Thank you for everything konstantin.

Filipe Santos Google Nutzer

Super handling of the customer, attentive and friendly. We will definitely continue to work with this company and Constantine is our perfect link. Thanks for everything and happy holidays!

Samuel Gravano Google Nutzer

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    Based on our experience, we offer a fast, reliable assessment and make you an attractive purchase offer.

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